The Centre

The setting up of the Centre for Science Studies of the Estonian University of Life Sciences

The Centre for Science Studies (below Centre) established by the resolution of the Council of the Estonian University of Life Sciences of 29 June 2005, in an expanded form and gist, carries on the investigation traditions introduced in the former Karl Ernst von Baer Museum (the named varied in different periods) founded at the Institute of Zoology and Botany of the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR in 1976. The Centre is located in the historical house of Baer and therefore, in the symbols and requisites of the Centre, besides the attributes characteristic of the Estonian University of Life Sciences and specifically the Centre, those related with the most renowned Estonian naturalist – Karl Ernst von Baer - are represented. Such a background provides another important aspect of research (in addition to the scientific legacy of K.E. von Baer) - the investigation of the history of the Baltic German culture in the 18-20th centuries. The Centre also regards the histories of the usage of natural resources and environmental protection as perspective fields of research.

The main objective of the Centre is the treatment and publication of science-historical problems (including the history of medicine), the philosophy of science and science policy (including social sciences) – under the common name „science studies”. Its aim is to study and popularize science history in Estonia and shed light on its relations with the development of science on the world scale. The Centre also prepares and carries out academic lecture courses at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, University of Tartu and other higher educational institutions.

Karl Ernst von Baer House, Estonian University of Life Sciences
Veski St 4, 51005 Tartu, Estonia 
Tel: +372 7421 514,