The Centre:

  • is entitled to apply for project and grant finances, preferring longer-term research and development projects;
  • is entitled to collaborate with different centres of science studies, researchers and societies (e.g., Estonian Union of the History and Philosophy of Science, Learned Estonian Society, Estonian Naturalists´ Society, Academic Baltic-German Cultural Society) in Estonia and abroad;
  • is entitled to invite foreign scientists to conduct research in Estonia;
  • is entitled to invite (leading) scholars from abroad to deliver lectures and carry out courses for students of the Estonian University of Life Sciences and University of Tartu in different spheres of science history;
  • recommends its researchers to take part in teaching activities;
  • engages the applicants for academic degrees in investigations (the key subjects are history, philosophy and social sciences);
  • considers important the issuing of a science-historical serial publication (in Estonian and English) by the Centre or in collaboration with other research institutions;
  • establishes a unitary format and design for monographs published by the researchers of the Centre;
  • organizes Baer days and issues the series Folia Baeriana;
  • organizes and, if necessary, performs papers on seminars and conferences, in the first place, laying stress on the quality, not the quantity of reports;
  • is constantly developing its internet site to prove to be the leading research centre of science studies in Estonia in the virtual world, too.
Karl Ernst von Baer House, Estonian University of Life Sciences
Veski St 4, 51005 Tartu, Estonia 
Tel: +372 7421 514,